Neighborhood Spotlight

Klondike-Smokey City

Two of the oldest African American neighborhoods in Memphis, Klondike and Smokey City have a rich history associated with civil rights leadership and school integration. Now known as a single, combined North Memphis community, Klondike-Smokey City has been adversely affected by urban disinvestment and economic exclusion for many years.


Using our interconnected approach, Whole Child Strategies has joined a growing number of residents and local organizations who seek to reactivate KSC for the next generation. By partnering with the KSC Neighborhood Council, we leverage stakeholder insight to

  • identify and prioritize needs

  • uncover assets and align them with needs

  • determine gaps where resources are needed and provide specific recommendations

  • pinpoint root causes of factors impacting student attendance, behavior and course performance

By supporting neighborhood-based, resident-lead initiatives, we harness the wisdom of subject matter experts to reach the goals of key stakeholders because these groups are one and the same.