Who We Are

Whole Child Strategies, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports children, families and neighborhoods in Memphis who are disproportionately affected by poverty.  

Our Mission

To empower neighborhoods and communities disproportionately affected by poverty to self- determination in addressing barriers hindering children from graduating on-time, career and college-ready – providing funding, critical supports and coordinated efforts around collective accountability, public advocacy and community development.

How We Work


We partner with residents, schools, community-based businesses and organizations, faith-based entities, as well as local and national educational non-profits, to empower our communities through self-determination and address root causes of the obstacles our children face inside and outside of the classroom. Unlike many other funding generators, we don’t create programs based on assumptions. Instead, we rely on the experience and expertise of community members to identify needs, develop solutions and implement long-term change.

Our Vision

All children graduate high school on time, college and career-ready through support of revitalized neighborhoods, accountable neighbors, and sustainable systems.


Our Toolkit


We provide and monitor the following grant types: network partners, basic needs and implementation.


We identify, cultivate and maintain alliances with local and national organizations.


We utilize neighborhood assets, initiatives and insights to address barriers.

Data & Accountability

We leverage qualitative and quantitative feedback to plan, execute and adjust our efforts.

Policy & Advocacy

We amplify voices that matter in forums where they need to be heard.