Why is this work so crucial?

Their futures depend on it

Financial and social vulnerability take many forms within a community. From underfunded schools and resource instability to lack of essential services, each missing piece of the puzzle impacts student attendance, behavior and outcomes.



Why This Matters

As any experienced teacher will attest, what happens outside of the classroom has a direct impact on what happens inside the classroom, especially when that classroom is located in a community disproportionately affected by poverty. According to the American Educational Research Association (AERA), non-school factors, such as socio-economic challenges, impact student achievement at a rate of 3:1 when compared to school-controllable factors, like teacher certification.

Achievement by the Numbers


That means more than half of all students with declining test scores are struggling with obstacles the American school system was never designed to address. Though most educators and school administrators go above and beyond to serve their students, they simply cannot control what happens when the school day ends.

That's why this work matters.

By promoting collective accountability, critical support structures and coordinated efforts with stakeholders, we seek to create economic equity and help students graduate on time and fully prepared for a college or career path.